Monday, April 26, 2010

The S'h'ivam..

Its Really after such a long time,I heard the song "Yaar,Yaar Sivam!!(Who in this real world can be referred as  God!?)",from my favorite movie "Anbae Sivam (Love Is God!!)"..As usual the place I was sitting, was lawn(U can guess the aftermath of me being in lawn ;)),and I was totally jobless..So to make proper use of the time I started thinking on that word "Anbae Sivam!!"..What is Love?!What is the exact meaning behind that four letter word?.Here am going to say nothing on all those "hormonal happenings"between opposite sex,rather about a treasure left behind, forgotten in the sands of time,"Humanity".Though we speak about all those Anti-war,peace,humanity etc in number of "stages",the speech will always end up like"So you people of democratic country,kindly do vote for us to overcome all this..blah blah","Arey!buddhu,first of all go and treat your mom as one human,then we will give you the mic for lullaby".The Humanity,Its there the when a kid volunteer to give his/her smallest of pencil to the one sitting next.Its there when a woman volunteer to become a surrogate for some precious thing she never gonna see after.Its there when you stand up and give space for some old man to sit ..But,tell me the truth,Here how many of us having a proper bond atleast with the neighbour next door,except for the cup of sugar and coffee powder.This weird world knows better how to tag everything.If you volunteer to be a surrogate,the world will see you just as a person who will do anything for money.If you give space for an old man,sure a person standing next by will say"We can believe no one these days sir,why you left your seat for that innocent-by-look budda".The Human fails in their thoughts here,Its Just because that moral studies classes turned out to be one weekend sleeping hour,during their school days.These people nowadays are ready to spend tonnes and tonnes of money to fill the hundi of some "aanandhas" and "ammas",but they finds it really hard to spend for someone whom they left in old age home.let me ask you something,from where these so called "social service" word originated from?.The word would have got no meaning at all,If we were born "Moses".I Remember the line which, the famous actor kamalhaasan once said,after tsunami affected the whole of coastal areas,He said "Though the tsunami took away the life of thousands,It left something called humanity in the minds of those in the shore!".,It may sound weird,but,yeah may beits true that we need some N number of tsunami to realize the S'H'IVAM Within us.