Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain With love..

The moist was there,like half-faded tears.The green grass was enjoying the romantic touch of that cool droplets.I was standing near that shop of my hostel.some friends of mine were standing beside me.Everyday after dinner I use to go to that lawn for a lone peaceful It rained before the security didn't allow us to the lawn so I kept looking at that grass for such a long time.suddenly something made me step in to the lawn.As soon as i stepped in,it started drizzling again.That very first drop of water came and Kissed my left hand.For a moment I was happy that I made that green fair lady feel the evil in her.I called all my friends, except for one everyone said "na na U first get in!".But some red horned selfish devil inside me felt "I shouldn't have called them".I felt that Rain is my very own (how stupid i am rite?!!)..Now I started feeling the sense of chillness.I felt shivering too.But that shivering made my innerself happy.I felt something different in me.suddenly both my hands hugged my own.I felt too happy.I started for a small walk.I think the rain guy too felt the same.I was walking slowly.I felt the rain guy hugging me the whole graciously.I felt the care in that hug.I felt his hand around my palm.To the world I was walking all alone in that dark night.But for me , here the rain guy came from heaven made me feel my real self.I heard his laugh at my dance.I felt his innocent steps on the stage of soil for my humming.I saw his poem for me in those grasses.Once I wanted to be himself,I wanted to be that rain,enjoying each and every part of this world.I cursed at the divine for making me Human.But I now Thanked him for making me so.Because I have that rain here with love for me enjoying, not the whole world, but his moments with me.But my otherside alarmed me of his time to settle down.The time for rain to settle down.I felt the chill breeze , wiping away the last droplet.Wiping away my last drop of happieness.Now am in the lawn  looking for those poems which will last till the next sun.The friends came and joined me,To the world Now am in the mid of friends, but here is my innerself in loneliness..searching for the last droplets. 

Ambitious?!!! well,am not..!!!

Aishwarya Govindarajan,
Chief Research officer,
Cancer research institute. it goes...
I scribbled like this in my room wall...
hmmm..this doesnt means that am too ambitious.
Rather I wanna make sure that people  who google for my name in near future shouldn't misspell?!!  it.. ;)
temme am i ambitious..?!!