Sunday, August 16, 2009

Water or Money

We can hear people pointing at you "hey dude! you wasting money like water"
yup"wasting money like water"
"money like water"
we are more concerned about the money..but have we ever noticed the word water their
But Do we people really cares.The world's second largest in abundancy being exploited by
the first largest..3/4th by 4/4th.all we just know is to dance when it fall and drain our legs in its waves
just how we enjoy the money....enjoying
"water like money"

Here i wanna point out one incident...but not actually one, its two
incident no1:once i was washing clothes( a rare thing) in the cloth wash room of our hostel

and another girl too was their(infact her loads are heavier than mine :) am glad)
the thing is when she started soaking her cloth(S) in the bucket one by one and
at one time the bucket was over flowing with clothes not only clothes but also water
and I asked her "hey gal wy dont u close the tap n soak yur thingy?"
the reply i got is really awful ,really its more than awful..
the way she stared at me at that question..god!!
she replied" i use to do the same whenever i wash the clothes"
I thought "sema policy!!keep going"and when i went forward to close the tap, she looked at me like "mind your business"!!sort..jeezzz!!
incident no2:again the same happened with some other girl when we were brushing the teeth( yup i use too..believe me!!)that friend of mine just put the paste in her brush and started brushing but she never did bothered about that opened tap and i just closed the pipe
and that female was like "good job"..huh "its my duty".
I was wondering "what am i becoming a WATER SAVIOUR or something like that?"OMG!!
why cant just people realize that its their duty to protect the nature which in other hand is protecting them... But people tell you what "Water is more precious,more than precious"
come on just think
Can we get water in Desert,with million dollars in hand?!!