Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The serial killer

Mom: Gow ma why dint you open your book yet.chal,go and do those maths assignments.. n finish the last chapter in chemistry by today and dont forget that you should start for the tution with in half an hour..
(these are her usual utterings during evening tea time)
n here comes an usual reply from my brother who has just entered his tenth grade..

Gowtham: mom i wanna play for some half n friends waiting there in the play ground :)
(n he will just fly away without waiting for her next sentence).

All this will get over in jus few minutes after his arrival from school..and he will turn up from the play ground
after some N number of half n hrs..her usual scoldings blah n blah..
I just wonder whom here, am suppose to blame..
My Mom..definitly not ,because its just her nature and she wants her son to shine well in this nothing else but competition filled world..
then? is it My Brother?,not him either..
oh!come on,no children will never hate to play...
at the same time no children will never hate to avoid study,books,assignments,exams etc..
why the innocent books n assignments becoming the blacksheep here..?!!
what makes the children hate studies more than bitter gourd n spinach..?!!
Is it because that the current education system is becoming more like a devilish Dolorus than Lovable Albus?!!
Well,I just want to remind here of one article in IE dated 10th oct '09
students of trendy corporate schools in Andhra pradesh are put to such a punishing grind that quite a few of them wilt under pressure-and commit suicide"
doesn't this look weird to hear, that text books and schoolings becoming the serial killer..and i want to mention that this case prevails not only in Andhra but also in many part of our country
A student hanged herself in hostel room due to low marks"
"A class tenth poisoned himself because because he failed to finish the assignment"
"A sixth grade ran away from hostel due to over work load"
I will straight away Index the schooling system prevailing nowadays, than at anything else.
The problem comes here, when you ask any seventh grade "what is meant by Pressure?"
there awaits a short n crisp answer that was mentioned by the teacher in class "Pressure is defined as Force per Unit Area". But, What force and what area?!!..he/she hardly knows to explain..there He/she fails in visualizing the thing..rather finds it more easier to memorize and Phew.. todays schooling system is more concentrated in marks than anything else..what all they need is?!! "all 52 should score 200/200"..if any get 196/200..thats it..
that mittu or kuttu will be the next scape goat
..there parents will be called and those usual proceedings, blah n blah..the problem is there in the basics, when the teacher teaches about pressure the students are encouraged to phew what he/she expects rather than asking "Why?","What?","which?"..they know how to define but,not "where it applies?!!"..when you ask any of the student "what is the general application of so n so meter?"..he for sure will give an answer that the inventor himself wont be knowing..another porblem is " The dad once would have wished to become a Doctor but his failed desire will now be forced upon the child,who hates Doctor except for the chocolate he provides"..rather he will be crazy at next door uncle's Painting..but the poor dad hardly finds time to ask his/her interest..but what they all want is a Born genius..!!!..But when these noble citizens gonna realize that their children/students are Not some Born newtons or Ramanujams but an Ishaan awasthi who wish to see the world in a different way..!!..
"learning is not just measuring the length of letters in the book but how far it makes impact on you!!"