Wednesday, July 21, 2010

यहाँ सब कुछ हैं माँ फिर भी लगे बिन तेरे मुजको अकेला!!.

              This was the song my pavilion dv5 was playing when I started with this post.Today ,though the day was not bad (Note:only the day,I mean,Tuesday,Not me or my health).My Day  started with one refreshing coffee and Pulveli Pulveli song,but it turned sluggish with sudden rise in temperature,the breakfast we had today increased it still more ,like adding fuel to the fire.I attended just two/six classes and came back to room as I felt like “I can’t, sit and listen anymore”.I fell down straight in to my cot and when I got up it was 3:10 pm.Huh!! I Slept for nearly 5hrs,Myself,That too in noon time..damn!!. My room mates had returned from there classes. I realized that I forgot to have food, when one of them asked me whether I had lunch ?!. Here comes a Bulb!! Situation, As soon as I replied No,One of my room mate opened her wallet took out some money and went downstairs,thought she is going to get some eatables for me.I know this is what one can define as “Over-expectation”.But err, Its human Mind, it will hardly try to neglect some stupidest of things, expectation and caring tops the list .I was so,damn tired to move anywhere so I felt too happy with the fact that, Someone caring for me that very moment, My happiness doubled when she came back with “Parle’s Hide and seek”.  She sat on her cot and started opening it, Thought she gonna open it and share it with me.But it happened in reverse,err the conclusion is, me Gotcha Bulb!!.I went down on my own collected a Biscuit packet and came back eating it.Just gave a thought How could it have been, if I were in my home by this time, my amma would have prepared  rice porridge for me,  my dad would have made the bed for me , with two layers of rug and blanket, would have given me the prescribed tablets in time,Would have played shasti kavasam for me. My brother,though we  fight a lot, to the least would have enquired amma about my health.but here I felt helpless to prepare even a single cup of hot water. For the very first time I hated Loneliness .Though friends are here around to take care of us to their best, Its in no way can match the care of amma,the warmth of appa and the indefinable love of siblings all these made me wonder, How badly I am missing them.Infact to tell the truth I never did cried Even on the first day when My amma and appa left me over here in college , though everyone else around me did.But things do change in the world were change is the only constant.

P.S:Wondering how this sluggy sickness can turn a person sentimental!! :) :)