Thursday, November 26, 2009


              was one fine insects filled evening..its well known to all my friends that How friendly I am to insects, so I closed my door and windows so that the insect cant get in and I was trying to concentrate on a book prescribed by one friend  "The secret" by rhonda byrnes..all a sudden I felt a "Chirp" sound near my pillow.Oops! one new visitor to my room..but, with its family.I Finished two but i didnt notice the one which was hiding near the door and I came back and started with the book again and there came a scene of revenge! that alive one i left came and bite my Index finger(right hand) aarghhh :( ..To my fear it started swelling immediatly..At the mid of night..In the hostel..OMG where I will go for oinment or Tablet?!?!..Am fortunate that one senior friend of mine provided me limestone I applied it and slept off..The next day when I woke up,In the place of my index finger I noticed a Tirumalainaayakar Pillar..oops!!my fate..I was not able to make any proper movement with that..I missed my breakfast(asusual)...In class I was hardly able to take any notes..I went and met that so called doctor In Arogya vaidhyashaala (my fate again :(( !! ) that evening..
Doctor:whats the problem?!
me: (I showed my hand) insect bite..I applied that limestone thingy and it got swollen..
Doctor:Are you in stone age !?? to apply those stuff and all ?!!why didnt you come immediatly..(ohhh!!He gave me a Bulb!!)
me:(Omfg!!) sir,I cant come out the hostel at the mid past night?!!!! (wow!! He gotcha Bulb).
Doctor:Fine! ll give you some tablet(Cetzine!!-> I hate Dozing off)...Have That..ll be enough..
Me:Thank u sir (left For the hostel)..
But that Evening In hostel was horrible that I was not able to handle even a single cup of coffee with that right hand..still I managed..In between It was totally a fightful evening that I yelled at some  of my friends for no reason..I didnt talk to Sarayu too..(well here ,Sarayu -> a roommate and one close friend of mine whom I know for the past two years..)..And there came my Dinner time!!And I joined sarayu ( see,still we didnt talk to each other)..Thank God!!I have my spoon so that I can manage..the dinner,I prayed it should some nice thingy I can manage to eat with my spoon.. was rice that night..I took some Rice and added some Rasam to it and came n sat just opposite to her..I didnt even took notice of her and started mixing the thing.. !!But I felt it too difficult to mix the rice with the help of spoon...(oh God!!?!) ..Suddenly a voice came from!! asked..shall I mix it for u..?!huh..!!It was sarayu.. without even waiting for my reply she just grabbed the plate and started mixing the food..She mixed it so well and good that I was looking at how she do's that..?!! and she kept the plate infront of me again..I started eating!!Wait?!! did I missed out something?!! Is the food too mirchy?!!..then where this tear suddenly coming from?!!...Doesn't the food taste similar to the one which I use to have in my schooldayz..,which I use to be fed by one lovable caring hand whenever I fell in ill..The food I use to have whenever I visit my home in Hols..Why this small help of her remind me of my Mom..nope!! wait..she didn't remind of my mom rather I felt my Mom in her..!!!..It made some different sense of feel in me...A feel of a lonely child longing to grab its mother's Hand..A feel of mother hersel in me...That small tears of mine tasted good with that food that day..
I dunno how good i made it here..?!!
yet it was one special ever thing experienced in my life forever and ever...
Till my end ;) :)
P.S she is watching one korean romance now.. ;)