Wednesday, June 16, 2010


         Mr.K.Govindarajan M.phil ..A person whom I know for the past 20yrs.tall,well built,curly haired, Bold voice this is he ,mr.govindan, proudly ,my appa. still those oldies I meet in any of  our family function will say this “nee appadiyae unga appa” (you are just a ditto of your father).I heard people I around me saying that I kept calling him “dai Govinda” till 3yrs of age.I remember those days he kept waiting for me in front of that thillai matriculation school ,where I studied from pre K.G to seventh grade , to give me the drink “Bonus” (which tasted yuck L L)..My Inspiration for most of what I am now, from book collection to practicality in thoughts.. In fact he is my first drawing master,It was his idea which I penciled for the concept “emmadhamum Sammadam (all religions are equal)”,which got me my first prize and that is were my interest for paintings started too. My inspiration for oration, which helped me get my second prize for the topic “the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology” during my second standard, I felt really proud after that speech and  smiled at my dad who was watching me speaking to the audience.(though the first prize was won by one asrar hussain for the topic “freedom fighter-veerapaandiya kattabhomman” :P).My inspiration to read books,the first book he  got for me was thiruvalluvar’s thirukkural to help me with thirukkural recitation(third prize L), followed by bharathiyar kavidhaigal,both are still there in my book collections. town first in twelfth std, a person who is really best of any at “commerce” not a padips though and am still trying to beat his academic ranks.Those are the evergreen fun days we kept fighting for anandha vikatan and sujatha books.we rarely do discuss on anything but if we discuss for sure both will enjoy it like anything. One can listen to him singing when they telecast any old songs in any channel ( and I will be like “Appa.. contol your feelings“),  He know about medicines ,at the same time about agriculture,many stuff about computers which even I don’t know, banking systems that even the bank manager will often get confused with, knows about whatever unknown nonsense happening in politics, A person who has interest on everything, In short a jack of all trades.happiee b’day jack.. He he. A very happieee birthday appa.proud to be your daughter J