Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bread+ketchup+Spanish tango= ye Oldy Brilliante ..

It was one of those nice Thursday morning of our study holidays ,though A-306 was awake from 6:30 am and A-305 was snoring as usual. 306 started her day with M.S amma,had her coffee, came back and settled back to her position with her favourite book.well,first of all what is that 306 and 305 .Don’t imagine them as those customary way of calling constables in the history of Indian cinemas’.Its just my room number and that of sarayu’s , my next door neighbour ;).me the great, was half drown in to the book that I hardly noted the time. It was when My dad called me regarding one donation collection ,I just noted the time it showed 10:22am.Breakfast,no chance they would have closed the mess. Knocked the next door,Saw her sitting with loads of worry in her face that she missed her favourite Pongal J.Well,
Sarayu:U had your breakfast?!
Sarayu:why?!you got up too early ryt? reason.I just didn’t feel like!!
Sarayu:am feeling Hungry now..
Me:Actually yeah,even I am..:P
Well,shall we go to canteen then?! But come on am to lazy to get ready..
Sarayu:even I will repeat the same..
Me: err.. I have one idea..lemme execute it..
I will go and collect bread n ketchup from shop and will make something for you..
(we both went to the so called, shop in the ground floor and purchased the necessary items, A pack of bread, Lays Spanish tango(caribbean green was not thr:( ) and Nissan tomato ketchup total of 7+10+12 Rs. as per the MRP ;) ).
We both came back and settled in 305 with all those necessities.
We didn’t have a proper bowl atlast that made Ms.Sarayu muralidharan as one least possible thing to inaugurate her stainless steel box which we had decided to prepare the dish.

So here goes the cookery adventure:
Me ,took out the bread loaf from and made it in to very small pieces. opened the Lays crushed them in to pieces again(well,we both ate some pieces of it in between.not able to resist ;) ). Mixed them both with equal amount of ketchup, Mixed it thoroughly…that’s it, our morning breakfast READY. Took the time less than that of preparing maggie could take.. Gave it to sarayu for tasting(getting reminded of those rats in laboratory?!) J. This is what she said after tasting the first sppon of it, “Aishwaryaaaaaaaa, You are brilliant , Its yummy…How You got the Idea?,
Me, “he he!!Just like that re!!(with utmost humbleness ;) ), But wait, what you said?!repeat it again?!
She, “Well, How you Got the Idea?!”..?!
Me,”Nope!! Before that”
She,”Well, I said Aishwarya You are brilliant”..!!
My reply, “@#!$@%!, I have been your room mate for the past one and half years,Had helped you in solving many of the problems,Found solution for many,And You never accepted me as brilliant in those situations(feelings;) ), and You are calling me "brilliant" for this mokka stuff..JISW.”..
Though I meant it for fun, I was very happy because that 29 rupees stuff had given both of us a very memorable moment in our life.hmmm… Was very happy for me being one reason behind. Ye Oldy Brilliante ;) :D..You made her inaugurate her Box ;).

Gonna try it?! ;) :D

(P.S) never do risk your life for 29rupees..