Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pen and Jill:-P :-(

Jill Alone,
Went Up the second floor,
to write a bunch of Paper..
she took out pen,
kept it on the Boundary wall..
pen fell down,
her face went down,
but she didn't tumble after..
thou it was her lovely pen..
Up came jalax and gave her pen,
as it was exam time..
and jill went in,
wrote down all and
came back to room,
jill,now missing her blue pen...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I wish I could look at you
and ask how you are..
But my care is not what you wish for

I wish I could call you
and say I miss you..
But that loss is not what you will worry for

I wish I could hear you
day and night
With a smile in silence to all those listening
But those smiles are still there waiting for

I wish I could fight with you
for all those fun deeds of yours
But those arguments there in the wind
hanging tall to reach for

I wish I could share with you
the coffee I prepare in those sunsign cups
of all I know on love and life
of all I know on screens and songs
of all I know on words and thoughts
but you never said so you wished for

I wish I could hug you
and say I hate you with lot more love
But those are what you will ignore the most..

I wish.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You are Just where you are,
and that is where I am Lost,
lost for eternity..
the warmth of your thoughts
I end my days with,
I spend my days with,
The smile of yours I see everywhere..
grows deep in me,
spill my tears there,
where your smile stays,
where my everything lies,
a little smile to loads of words,
the mischieve in me to those sensitive beats,
and all my everything..
oh hun,
where it lies,
the touch I never sensed,
the kiss I never felt,
the voice I never heard,
the laugh I never listened,
but all I have is warmth of your thoughts,
and that is where my everything lies.
my everything lies.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The path goes deep,
Deep like the dark
Deeper than my thoughts,
the green I smelled,
the shine I saw,
the voice I heard,
the voice of that heart,
the heart of nature,
that made my days,
that made my lullaby nights,
the voice goes weak,
were my thoughts hang somewhere,
the voice goes weak,
as I move with the time,
the path goes Deep,
Deep like the dark
as I move with the time.

                              -for my lawn,on my lawn..on those green days...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bread+ketchup+Spanish tango= ye Oldy Brilliante ..

It was one of those nice Thursday morning of our study holidays ,though A-306 was awake from 6:30 am and A-305 was snoring as usual. 306 started her day with M.S amma,had her coffee, came back and settled back to her position with her favourite book.well,first of all what is that 306 and 305 .Don’t imagine them as those customary way of calling constables in the history of Indian cinemas’.Its just my room number and that of sarayu’s , my next door neighbour ;).me the great, was half drown in to the book that I hardly noted the time. It was when My dad called me regarding one donation collection ,I just noted the time it showed 10:22am.Breakfast,no chance they would have closed the mess. Knocked the next door,Saw her sitting with loads of worry in her face that she missed her favourite Pongal J.Well,
Sarayu:U had your breakfast?!
Sarayu:why?!you got up too early ryt? reason.I just didn’t feel like!!
Sarayu:am feeling Hungry now..
Me:Actually yeah,even I am..:P
Well,shall we go to canteen then?! But come on am to lazy to get ready..
Sarayu:even I will repeat the same..
Me: err.. I have one idea..lemme execute it..
I will go and collect bread n ketchup from shop and will make something for you..
(we both went to the so called, shop in the ground floor and purchased the necessary items, A pack of bread, Lays Spanish tango(caribbean green was not thr:( ) and Nissan tomato ketchup total of 7+10+12 Rs. as per the MRP ;) ).
We both came back and settled in 305 with all those necessities.
We didn’t have a proper bowl atlast that made Ms.Sarayu muralidharan as one least possible thing to inaugurate her stainless steel box which we had decided to prepare the dish.

So here goes the cookery adventure:
Me ,took out the bread loaf from and made it in to very small pieces. opened the Lays crushed them in to pieces again(well,we both ate some pieces of it in between.not able to resist ;) ). Mixed them both with equal amount of ketchup, Mixed it thoroughly…that’s it, our morning breakfast READY. Took the time less than that of preparing maggie could take.. Gave it to sarayu for tasting(getting reminded of those rats in laboratory?!) J. This is what she said after tasting the first sppon of it, “Aishwaryaaaaaaaa, You are brilliant , Its yummy…How You got the Idea?,
Me, “he he!!Just like that re!!(with utmost humbleness ;) ), But wait, what you said?!repeat it again?!
She, “Well, How you Got the Idea?!”..?!
Me,”Nope!! Before that”
She,”Well, I said Aishwarya You are brilliant”..!!
My reply, “@#!$@%!, I have been your room mate for the past one and half years,Had helped you in solving many of the problems,Found solution for many,And You never accepted me as brilliant in those situations(feelings;) ), and You are calling me "brilliant" for this mokka stuff..JISW.”..
Though I meant it for fun, I was very happy because that 29 rupees stuff had given both of us a very memorable moment in our life.hmmm… Was very happy for me being one reason behind. Ye Oldy Brilliante ;) :D..You made her inaugurate her Box ;).

Gonna try it?! ;) :D

(P.S) never do risk your life for 29rupees..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

यहाँ सब कुछ हैं माँ फिर भी लगे बिन तेरे मुजको अकेला!!.

              This was the song my pavilion dv5 was playing when I started with this post.Today ,though the day was not bad (Note:only the day,I mean,Tuesday,Not me or my health).My Day  started with one refreshing coffee and Pulveli Pulveli song,but it turned sluggish with sudden rise in temperature,the breakfast we had today increased it still more ,like adding fuel to the fire.I attended just two/six classes and came back to room as I felt like “I can’t, sit and listen anymore”.I fell down straight in to my cot and when I got up it was 3:10 pm.Huh!! I Slept for nearly 5hrs,Myself,That too in noon time..damn!!. My room mates had returned from there classes. I realized that I forgot to have food, when one of them asked me whether I had lunch ?!. Here comes a Bulb!! Situation, As soon as I replied No,One of my room mate opened her wallet took out some money and went downstairs,thought she is going to get some eatables for me.I know this is what one can define as “Over-expectation”.But err, Its human Mind, it will hardly try to neglect some stupidest of things, expectation and caring tops the list .I was so,damn tired to move anywhere so I felt too happy with the fact that, Someone caring for me that very moment, My happiness doubled when she came back with “Parle’s Hide and seek”.  She sat on her cot and started opening it, Thought she gonna open it and share it with me.But it happened in reverse,err the conclusion is, me Gotcha Bulb!!.I went down on my own collected a Biscuit packet and came back eating it.Just gave a thought How could it have been, if I were in my home by this time, my amma would have prepared  rice porridge for me,  my dad would have made the bed for me , with two layers of rug and blanket, would have given me the prescribed tablets in time,Would have played shasti kavasam for me. My brother,though we  fight a lot, to the least would have enquired amma about my health.but here I felt helpless to prepare even a single cup of hot water. For the very first time I hated Loneliness .Though friends are here around to take care of us to their best, Its in no way can match the care of amma,the warmth of appa and the indefinable love of siblings all these made me wonder, How badly I am missing them.Infact to tell the truth I never did cried Even on the first day when My amma and appa left me over here in college , though everyone else around me did.But things do change in the world were change is the only constant.

P.S:Wondering how this sluggy sickness can turn a person sentimental!! :) :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


         Mr.K.Govindarajan M.phil ..A person whom I know for the past 20yrs.tall,well built,curly haired, Bold voice this is he ,mr.govindan, proudly ,my appa. still those oldies I meet in any of  our family function will say this “nee appadiyae unga appa” (you are just a ditto of your father).I heard people I around me saying that I kept calling him “dai Govinda” till 3yrs of age.I remember those days he kept waiting for me in front of that thillai matriculation school ,where I studied from pre K.G to seventh grade , to give me the drink “Bonus” (which tasted yuck L L)..My Inspiration for most of what I am now, from book collection to practicality in thoughts.. In fact he is my first drawing master,It was his idea which I penciled for the concept “emmadhamum Sammadam (all religions are equal)”,which got me my first prize and that is were my interest for paintings started too. My inspiration for oration, which helped me get my second prize for the topic “the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology” during my second standard, I felt really proud after that speech and  smiled at my dad who was watching me speaking to the audience.(though the first prize was won by one asrar hussain for the topic “freedom fighter-veerapaandiya kattabhomman” :P).My inspiration to read books,the first book he  got for me was thiruvalluvar’s thirukkural to help me with thirukkural recitation(third prize L), followed by bharathiyar kavidhaigal,both are still there in my book collections. town first in twelfth std, a person who is really best of any at “commerce” not a padips though and am still trying to beat his academic ranks.Those are the evergreen fun days we kept fighting for anandha vikatan and sujatha books.we rarely do discuss on anything but if we discuss for sure both will enjoy it like anything. One can listen to him singing when they telecast any old songs in any channel ( and I will be like “Appa.. contol your feelings“),  He know about medicines ,at the same time about agriculture,many stuff about computers which even I don’t know, banking systems that even the bank manager will often get confused with, knows about whatever unknown nonsense happening in politics, A person who has interest on everything, In short a jack of all trades.happiee b’day jack.. He he. A very happieee birthday appa.proud to be your daughter J